Feedback from Playground of Ideas sessions

What the children say...

"I like the slide because sometimes I do get very nervous of talking, so it kind of encourages me" - Jane, Year 2

"I like the seesaw because I like strong questions because my brain is thinking and I'm saying in my mind 'oh, I didn't think of that'" - Lucy, Year 2

Caleb: Your brain gets to think about something that’s really hard, like the Jack and the Beanstalk one, that was really hard

Laura: Was that all right that it was really hard? 

Lucy: Kind of, because your brain gets warmed up

I liked the Crowsnest at the end because it gave you a chance think back on everything you've done - Sky, Year 2

I liked the Swing because it's just one of the most's one of the best philosophy sessions - Henry, Year 2

What the teachers say...

“you think ‘oh, little children, they can’t’. But they can, can’t they!”

I think that the pictures really help them a lot...they really loved the slide, didn't they.

- Mrs Johnson, Year 2 teacher

What teachers say about Philosophize sessions

"Philosophize engaged children in discussion, built confidence and developed skills in debate and deeper thinking"

"It was seen by staff as very positive. Discussion opportunities to bring into cross-curricular learning"

"Deepens thinking, promotes a growth mindset, empowers a different way for children to engage with our school’s values, deepens confidence. The children enjoyed it!"

"A fantastic opportunity for children"

"Promotes really good discussions"

In the media

Our work has attracted the attention of local radio stations, television and newspapers. Children were interviewed about their work with us and the BBC filmed a Philosophize session.