"Philosophize engaged children in discussion, built confidence and developed skills in debate and deeper thinking" -Year 5 primary school teacher

Philosophize is a thinking and discussion programme for children aged 8-11. It is a complete programme for teachers and provides children with the opportunity to think and talk together about interesting discussion questions such as 'What is bravery?'

The children in the picture below are taking part in the session: 'What is art?'. They are looking at lots of examples and trying to decide if it is art or not. And if it is art, then why? Does art have to beautiful, or make you think, or feel - or something else?

Once children have taken part in these skills development sessions, these resources can also be used with any curriculum subject to bring a discussion-based approach to all school subject. This leads to deeper learning across the curriculum, and we can work with your school to provide ideas and activities for specific curriculum topics. Contact us to find out more